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    Historical Background
      India is celebrating centen-
ary celebration of Cooper-
ative Law. The first Coope-
rative Law of India The Cooperative Credit Societi-
es Act, 1904 was passed on 25th March 1904.
  Historicle Background
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Cooperative Movement In Karnataka
Karnataka has a special place in the Indian cooperative sector, as it is one of the first states to have started the movement. We are proud to say that, the first agricultural credit cooperative society in Karnataka started in a village called Kanaginahaala, Gadag district, in 1905. In the same year, a consumer cooperative society also started in Bangalore.
  Prior to unification of states present Karnataka was divided into various provinces such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore, Madras etc. All provinces had their own Law relating to cooperative Societies. They are:
    Mumbai Cooperative Societies Act, 1925
    Madras Cooperative Societies Act, 1932
    Madras Land Mortgage Act, 1934
    Kodagu Cooperative Societies Act, 1936
    Mysore Cooperative Societies Act, 1948
    Hyderabad Cooperative Societies Act, 1952
    Hyderabad Land Mortgage Act, 1949
  After unification of states in 1956, The Mysore Cooperative Societies Act, 1959 was enacted which applies to whole Mysore State. It came into force from June 1, 1950. Mysore State was renamed as Karnataka in 1973 and the Act was also renamed as Karnataka State Cooperative Societies Act, 1959.
  As on March 2004, Karnataka has 32,804 cooperative societies Under which 27,261 are active. Among these, 15,468 societies are profitable and 12,756 are under loss. Around 9367 Milk cooperative societies, 301 urban cooperative banks and around 2000 credit cooperative societies are some of the sectors in Cooperative field which are profitable in the state. Karnataka has 9,367 milk cooperatives, which are producing over 23 lakh litres of milk every day.
  The state has over 4,000 Primary Agricultural societies and over 10.12 lakh farmers are benefited from these cooperatives. In Karnataka 100% villages are covered by cooperative Societies.
  Karnataka is progressive in Cooperative movement. It is pioneers in bringing parallel cooperative law.
    General Body : A memora-
ble day Consultative meetin-
gs at various places Launch of New Cooperatives.
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